These films consists of a few artistic elements - there to give the story powerful dimensions - to help the audience understand the emotional aspects even more. 

The shower element 

Skärmavbild 2013-11-22 kl. 11.10.03.png

The shower element was created as a symbol of the most honest place a person could appear in. The place where we are all naked, literarily, and emotionally. As an artistic layer this element is used to unite the actors´ inner emotions.In the music video the lead actors are using the shower element to communicate with and encourage their characters as well as the audience through Frida Sundemo´s lyrics to the pop song Indigo. 

In the short film the shower element represents the inner emotions that unites the actors.

”The idea of giving the shower element such a central role in this film comes from my thoughts of how we let ourselves feel when entering this space.

We seem to express our emotions and let them out – singing out load when feeling powerful happiness and crying and maybe also screaming out or anxieties when feeling lonely, hurt or weak.  Maybe this is one of the places we feel most relaxed - we don´t have to put on any masks - and are therefore also most open to our inner emotions.

The water in the shower could obviously be interpreted as a metaphor for tears”


The inner voice  

In the music video, the story is driven by the lyrics of Sundemo´s song "Indigo" along with the narrative scenes - with only seconds of dialogue. 

In the narrative short, the director aims to let the inner emotions of the two lead actors be explained by limiting their explicit thoughts to only, one for her, and three words for him over the total 20 minutes.

Instead, the film uses all the other elements to explain how the actors feel - music, sound, editing, the shower element and the supporting actors´s dialogue become the voices of the lead actors. Until one specific moment...