Indigo is a conceptual film project -  about alienation on the inside.

The project has two dimensions; THE MUSIC VIDEO and THE SHORT FILM

Indigo is written and directed by the Swedish director Paul Jerndal, who aims to inspire and encourage people to believe in themselves and start being who they truly are. Jerndal’s idea was to merge different art forms together in a conceptual platform that involves music, acting, art, fashion, design and sound.

The goal was to bring as many talented, creative people from various fields together, harnessing each artists’ compassion and emotional investment in this subject to create a piece of art that they all believed in.

This film aspires to empathize, inspire and give hope to everyone feeling alienated.

"I feel that most of us experience some kind of alienation - whether we are aware of it or not - I believe we all share this struggle.

However, our perspective of life is often what makes us feeling alienated - we seem to think that everyone else is happy, have a great self esteem and are not alone at all.   

So by doing this film I hope people understand that what can make us feel complete is often something that we can find inside...we don´t have to accomplish magic. We just have to look the right direction"

/ Paul Jerndal 

The two films

The Short is 20 minutes and the Music Video is 6 minutes - both based on the same story but with various depth and style. The short is a narrative drama with lots of elements and dialogue that the music video lacks. The music video however is all based on pop artist Frida Sundemo´s hit Indigo - and the lyrics of the song is the core of the film expressed by the two main actors. 

The films were shot in New York City december 2012 as a independent project without any sponsors or investors - where all the creators involved gave their time and energy believing in the power of the concept. Post production was then started in Stockholm February 2013 and completed in December. 


Actress Cecilia Forss in the car scene shot on Brooklyn Bridge. 

Director Paul Jerndal aims to give strength to everyone feeling alienation. 

Actor Johan Matton in the shower scene.